Training and Coaching

Transforming the way we write and present.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training

What if your presentation at the next big conference is the one everybody talks about?

What if your next pitch is so concise and persuasive that it closes the deal?

What if you knew exactly how to build a presentation that resonates and inspires?

Book this training to achieve just that. Ideal number of participants: 6 to 12.

Speech Coaching

One on one coaching for when your presentation needs to be perfect.

Writing Training: how to build a slippery slide.

As journalist and magazine editor I learned how to wrap complex content into simple and compelling words. I call it the Slippery Slide: a text that people cannot stop reading.

Everyone can build a slippery slide.

Emails, blog posts, reports, scientific papers…

Ideal number of participants: 6 to 12.

You can also book me as a Keynote Speaker. 

Nothing convinces like confidence.