A keynote speech for your event

Are you planning an event?

Do you want to give your attendees renewed energy and inspiration?

Book me for an inspiring keynote at your event.

My passion is to re-energise teams and organisations. Doing that with a keynote needs a special mix.

On the one hand, it has to be fun.

On the other, it has to be informative-transformative.

My promise

  1. I’ll energise your event: your audience will have a good time.
  2. Your audience will leave inspired and with tools to implement tomorrow.

Tailored to your needs

I tailor my keynote to your audience’s needs.

I have a lot of good material but I prepare for your occasion. Together we decide the theme and the dynamics of the speech, including the amount of audience-participation.


Here are themes I love to talk about:

Smart communications for smart organisations

Energise your team with smart communication tips that you can implement tomorrow.

Cool, calm, connected: building bridges to your audience

Tips and tricks to overcome our fear of public speaking

Build a slippery slide: the simple way to write texts that people really read.

You will never write (or approve) the same texts again.