A keynote speech for your event

Book Carsten for an inspiring keynote in English, German or French.

Simply impress

Who ever said simple was easy? It’s hard to cut through to the essence. In your pitches, speeches and presentations: here’s how to simply impress.

45 to 90 minutes

How to be witty

Boost your authority with 4 surprisingly simple and effective humour techniques. This is not about jokes, it’s about being witty in-the-moment and everyone can do it.

45 minutes, up to 90 in workshop format.

The art of giving positive energy

There are two types of people. Those who rob others of energy and those who give energy. How to be part of those who give.

45 minutes

The slippery slide: how to write so that people read and remember

You and your colleagues will never write the same way again.

45 to 90 minutes

The art lies in concealing the art.