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I train effective writing skills. And I make people better speakers and presenters.

My goal is nothing less than to transform the way we write and present – because we  have to get through to people.

Writing courses: how to build a slippery slide.

My background is journalistic. An editor of corporate magazines, I wrap complex content in simple words. I call it the Slippery Slide: a text that people cannot stop reading.

I show you how to build a slippery slide: everyone can do it. You will learn how to apply the slide in different ways for blogs, reports, e-mails, even scientific papers.

But I don’t write…

Okay, so you don’t write yourself.

But you’d love your organisation to produce materials that really work?

Let me show you how to…

Judge your designers and writers’ work

Design should look good.
But that’s not the main goal.
The goal is to make people read.
And what makes people read? Learn the rules.
You will never accept the same layouts and texts again.

Speech coaching and presentation skills training

Following my success in public speaking contests, companies call on me to train speech and presentations skills.

I love to do that: to help people transform the way they present – it only takes one workshop to achieve that!

My clients love my hands-on approach and the positive energy I bring to the workshops and trainings. I am sure you will to!

You can also book me as a Keynote Speaker

To book a course or for any questions, don’t hesitate to call me: +32.495.57.77.62

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