The communicator you want to be

Hello, I am Carsten Wendt, business communication trainer, motivational speaker, speech coach.

We all have something that makes us special. But when we speak in public, we often leave parts of our personality at home. We fall flat.

What a shame.

Because here is the irony: 20 years in business communication have taught me that executives, colleagues, your customers, your team – they all want to be impressed. They want to be inspired. Yes, they even want to be influenced.

In short, people want you to break free. They want you to bring your full personality to the table.

Let me show you how to impress, influence and entertain.

So you become the communicator you want to be.
So you become the communicator others want you to be.

“Obviously you do this for a living but I have to say you are damn good.”
Kouris Kalligas, CEO and Founder of Addapp, Silicon Valley StartUp 

“Carsten’s speech was as enlightning as it was entertaining: he gave us a totally new approach to soft-skills. We are booking him again.”
Erik Leung, PMP, Content Leader PMI Belgium Congress

Some of my credentials

I’ve worked out of Brussels for almost 20 years, helping executives, International Corporations, Non-Profits and European Associations to get their message across.

Carsten is a wonderful coach. Under time pressure, he improved my speech so much in so little time.
Joyashree Roy, Professor of Economics and joint recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize as member of the IPCC

I have helped hundreds of individuals and teams to break free and transform the way they communicate. And I do that in an entertaining way. We have fun on the way!

“I cannot help to write to you: your advice to spice up our talking has stayed in my mind and I constantly catch myself constructing funny phrases or adding funny remarks. Thank you Carsten, it works.”
Alena Huberova, Conference Host, Czech-Slovak Toastmasters Conference.

I am an awarded public speaker, including Humorous Speaking Champion of Belgium. I take pride in the fact that my trainings, lectures and speeches make a difference in the lives of those who attend.

“May I say your speech was one of the funniest I have ever heard – in TV, stand-up comedy, real life.
A good speech is one that the audience remembers forever. I will never forget.”
Sangbreeta Moitra, Find the Speaker Within

Here are some of my recent references (2015-2017):

British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium
Central European University
European Communication School
City of Gothenburg
Project Management Institute, Belgian Chapter
Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre (IMEC)
HR Builders
Made with Love
GC Europe
IFE/ European Chemicals Agency
European Parliament
Europäische Endometriose Liga
Toastmasters District Conference Southwest Europe
Toastmasters Professional Trainers Group
Keynotes at National Toastmaster Conferences in Italy and Czech Republic
TEDxGhent and TEDxUCLouvain (speaker coaching)
Université de Liège
Université Catholique de Louvain
Vlerick Business School

And here I am at the European Public Speaking Championships

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