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Get Your Message Across in Print and Social Media

How do you reach people? How can you make sure that they remember what you write?

I share little tips and tricks that make communications effective. You can sign up for updates – I post useful information every other week.

At a presentation the other day, the technicians struggled to connect the speaker’s laptop.

The speaker showed a great reaction.

He left his PowerPoint-script behind and spoke off the cuff.

And it was wonderful – wonderful, informative and inspiring.

20 minutes later, the technicians got the laptop connected. read more…

Copywriter or designer,

coach or consultant,

big agency or solo-entrepreneur,

you can work in two ways:

You can execute the brief that your client gives you, or you can take a step back and ask basic questions before you start. read more…

I am subscribed to a number of blogs and services.

Probably like you, I get tons of e-mails from people I’ve never met.

They vie for my attention. Some succeed, some don’t. But one stands out. read more…

The headline is the most important part of any article.

It tells you what you can expect. It tells what you will find.
It’s a promise.

I came across this promise the other day:

„How to include video in your email marketing“

That’s something I’ve been wanting to know and so I looked forward to a fast explanation.

But that’s not what I got. read more…

The inverted pyramid is one the first techniques a journalist learns.

It’s a useful tool and good to have in your repertoire.

But some people tell you it’s an all-purpose weapon.

It’s not.

read more…

Last November I was among the six finalists at the Toastmasters European Public Speaking Championships for Humorous Speeches.

They have strict criteria there. I went 30 seconds over time and was disqualified.

Some people thought I could have gone all the way – but that’s pure speculation. Either way, it was a privilege to speak in front of 400 people, a wonderful experience that has taught me much – not just about oral communication but about writing too. read more…